Penns Ghost Paranormal


Ghosts don’t scare us, though people and groups who claim to be paranormal experts do. When looking for a paranormal group to help investigate your home, and help you come to an understanding as to what is going to on, it is very important to remember a few things. A reputable paranormal group or individual will not charge you or your business a fee to investigate. They will respect you, your property, and your privacy in these matters. And by all means, please steer clear when someone claims to be an expert in the paranormal, after all, can anyone really be an expert in the unknown?

With that little disclaimer out of the way, I’d like to introduce Penns Ghost Paranormal, and what we are about, and what we do. We are located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Berks County (Reading) Pa. We have assembled a very diverse group of individuals, with their own unique skills, abilities, and experience. Our experience ranges from paranormal investigations all along the east coast, our current expertise is regional to Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. Though through our wide range of networks with both the National Paranormal Society and The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) we can certainly help you find the assistance you need wherever you are located.

One of our goals is document paranormal activity, for our own investigative, educational purposes, and blog. Please understand, that for our private clients, we will not release details of your address and location. In some cases, it could be helpful to release bits of evidence we find (as long as it does not provide details of you or location), though we would be sure to get your approval in all situations.

We are not scientists, but we implement scientific methods in our investigations by using the following steps.

*Ask Questions

*Do background research on the location.

*Construct a Hypothesis

*test the hypothesis during our investigation (in some cases we may request a few investigations to get adequate data)

*Analyze data and evidence, and personal experiences to help draw a conclusion

*Communicate our results.

During investigations, it is important to that our team be very open-minded about the occurrences, eliminating environmental possibilities, we also ask that of our clients. Sometimes we may find that what is going in is not paranormal at all, or we may find something more sinister than we initially thought. Penns Ghost Paranormal does not claim to be paranormal exterminators, but we will offer support and various resources through these times to help find a resolution or co-existence.